Financial success is impossible without financial planning and management.

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Small Businesses, Finance, Accounting, Management

They are two distinct disciplines, and you better treat them as such if you want to avoid major financial mishaps.

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მცირე ბიზნესი, ინვოისი, ინვოისირება, კერნელი, ფინანსები

წაიკითხე სტატია, გაიგე რა არის ინვოისი და გამოიყენე ის სხვადასხვა მიზნისათვის შენი ბიზნესის სასარგებლოდ!

სურათი ავტორის მიერ

Small Businesses, Finance, Accounting, Management , Mistakes

Knowing these vanilla pitfalls will guide small businesses to avoid accounting problems.

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Invoices, Finance, Accounting, Invoice Software, Invoice Generator

What are Invoices, why are they so important, and what are they used for?

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Online Loan Platforms for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Guess how you can get money without making a single sale?

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Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is the king.

Mikheil Zghuladze

Co-founder @ Kernel. Student, Digital Communication Manager and Perpetual Learner!

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