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What are Invoices, why are they so important, and what are they used for?

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Invoices — It is a pretty common word that we hear a lot nowadays, maybe you have heard of it when buying stuff online, received it as an email or something else, and you just thought of it as a receipt, but it is not a receipt, it does not look like one. Or maybe you’ve experienced the pain of issuing and keeping track of invoices first hand as a small business owner, freelancer or sole proprietor.

What are Invoices?

Before we go straight to the main topic…

Online Loan Platforms for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Guess how you can get money without making a single sale?

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You’ve heard the old saying; you need to spend money to make some. It’s true, you know. You have to pay tons and tons of money to get your business, making some in return. Marketing, real estate, transportation, industrial plants, and numerous other things just don’t come cheap. You have no business if you have no money, and you have no money if you have no business.

Guess how you can get money without making a single sale. Right, either by equity or loan. …

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is the king.

One can not over-emphasize the importance of Financial Management. In order to start up or even run a successful business, you will need excellent knowledge of financial management. It is the main ingredient to successful business operation. Without proper administration of finance, no business enterprise can reach its full potentials for growth and success. Simply put, money is to an enterprise, what oil is to an engine.

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When we talk about financial control at a strategic level, basically what we mean is a process of evaluation of consistency and clarity of a financial plan and strategic plan of the organisation…

The reason why we’ve decided to combine these three amazing districts is that, first of all, they are right next to each other and second of all, they share the same character. So, here we go.


As you come to Tbilisi, you just realize that all the routes lead to Mtatsminda! One of the oldest districts in the capital, Mtatsminda is the place where the history of modern Georgian was created.

Named after the mountain Mtatsminda, this district is one of the key sights of the city.

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✱ Actor Sergo Zakariadze’s grave in Mtatsminda Pantheon, Tbilisi.

If you are wearing…

Chugureti district is a touristic pearl on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, starting from Queen Tamar Avenue and the Station Square all the way to Avlabari. Tbilisi’s old German neighborhood, Marjanishvili is one of the loveliest, liveliest neighborhoods you can pick to walk around. After you experience its historic architecture and endearingly offbeat character, you won’t mind the price tag.

What better way to start talking about Chugureti than with the king of the squares of the city — the Station Square. Situated at the far northern corner of the district, it serves as the main transportation hub…

One of the most prestigious and densely populated residential neighborhoods, Saburtalo became a part of Tbilisi only in 1917. The area, which was often used for various ball games, was given the same name Saburtalo, meaning “ball-playing area”.

Saburtalo is a largely residential district, with very few historical sights. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth seeing. Let’s start with the most important streets and then move on to more specific locations. The two main streets are Pekini St. and Vazha-Pshavela Avenue. Both are pretty long and busy streets, packed with various venues on both sides, except Pekini is in…

The history of Vake, which means a lowland, starts from the nineteenth century, as a small settlement on the territory of Old Vera.

In the Development plan of Tbilisi from 1906, only the Nobility Gymnasium building is mentioned in this area (currently the 1st building of Tbilisi State University). Then Tbilisi Spiritual Seminary was built not far from the gymnasium, where Stalin studied, by the way. Now it is one of the clinics of Tbilisi State Medical University (formerly the 9th Hospital).

Since January 1906 Vake was incorporated into the area of Tbilisi. …

This district is the place where you go if you’ve lost your tourist friend. It is the MOST touristy area in the whole city. This place is just crowded with tourist attractions.

The district of Ortachala (this area is better known as Old Town) and a part of Krtsanisi region, is located on the right bank of the river Mtkvari in the south-eastern part of Tbilisi. It is one of the oldest and the most visually appealing parts of the city. It is an old settlement with many historic and unique buildings.

In the past, liberated from the narrow southern…

Ask anyone where the main transportation hub and outdoor market is and they will point you towards Didube. Didube Station is a domestic hub of Marshkutras (minibusses). If you need a ride to the North or the West you go there. This is where buses to a number of locations, such as Vladikavkaz and the ski-fields at Bakuriani depart from. The Didube markets are located nearby, and the central bus station lies adjacent to the metro.

This neighborhood is located roughly across the river from Saburtalo and stretches from the North Queen Tamar Avenue to the start of Dighomi.


Tourists usually find themselves in this district one way or another. It’s almost impossible to miss — it has palaces, giant churches, crying mountains, huge parks, etc. There’s a lot to see and do in Avlabari.

Avlabari is more residential than touristy, yet very close to the city center, from where there are two equally amazing paths to reach it (well there are others too, but they aren’t that exciting) — either crossing the Bridge of Peace, (the giant bow-shaped glass bridge) or walk up the Baratashvili Riseaccompanied by the sounds of water dripping down the mountain right on the…

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